4 Things Your Should Consider Before Buying SoundCloud Plays

So dear SoundCloud users if you really want to buy soundcloud plays then you should consider few things before you purchase this service or not. Everyone want to spread their music and audio tracks to as many listeners as possible. Also they want their targeted audience who will stay with them and being a part of generating revenue for their work.

We all know that TIME=MONEY and MONEY=TIME, however most of time this equation not work for many music industry. Someone know their desired audience, someone still finding their audience and someone don’t know who their actual audience are. But everyone have the strategy and their strategy utilizing eco system. Of course their eco system included with their brain, money and time.

If you would like to buy soundcloud plays then you should consider 4 ultimate things.

What is the purpose?

Okay you know your purpose. But do you really know that only investing money will complete all of your task? Absolutely the answer is NO!. You have to set your mindmap of your purpose before you purchase soundcloud plays.

Reality of buying soundcloud plays.

You select a provider who will complete the task for you to increase your plays. But do you really know this plays are fake or not? How your provider providing this service?
If you know that all plays came from bot then you might get shocked. However, few industry who have small budget but have the eagerness of spending time rather than money, then you should consider yourself to buy soundcloud plays. Because it small budget and you know your small audience will be impressed by seeing the play statistics of your audio track.

Advantage and Disadvantage


  • ·        Budget friendly
  • ·        Mass viral effect
  • ·        Short time process
  • ·        Search engine friendly
  • ·        Evergreen solution


  • ·        Lame work
  • ·        Risky for who don’t know who their audience are

Ultimate Result

The ultimate result of buying souldcloud plays could be different for various type of music industries. It could be bad or it could be good or it could be mixed. So I would like to only suggest people who really like to try this service. However, it would be nice if I was able to provide the full concept of buying soundcloud plays. If you have any question feel free to comment. I’ll feel happy by replying your comments.


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